Wednesday, 20 April 2016



Letter to Dr Paul Katz,

Assoc. Professor,
Upton House, Box Hill Hospital,
Mental Health,

Dear Doctor Katz (And Veterans)

This is serious and chilling stuff. This brain shock treatment is in my opinion evil when misused, but I'll let others to their opinion. It's going on now and a very disturbing trend.  
Dr Paul Katz, a senior psychiatry researcher at Box Hill Hospital is benefiting from State and drug company funding for research, along with many others at Upton House.

The location of research institution I write about is at Upton House, part of Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

Electric Shock treatment (E.C.T.) Research is in the redevelopment stages being planned to be: There are also plans to target children with electric shocks to their brain.

Note to Veterans and the serving.
E.C.T. has to be packaged carefully to look harmless and seamless and safe. …But it’s not, and never has been. Please don't let this E.C.T. treatment leak into the veteran community without careful scrutiny and research by veterans, with suicides now at epidemic levels. 
E.C.T. makes the neurologists (specialists in the brain) of the world cringe. But they are not being asked by psychiatry for their opinion. The brain is their specialty but psychiatrists have bumped them out of the way. When the shocks are delivered to a patient's brain, you will not find a neurologist anywhere in sight to monitor for brain damage.
Do you know how complex the brain is Dr Katz? ....Only two percent of the brain is roughly understood by highly specialized scientists.  

If mainstream neurologists can't endorse E.C.T.....and most of the independents cringe over your ideas; seeing it as damaging to the brain, why should anyone take your ideas seriously Dr Katz.?

Garth is on a Community Treating Order requiring forced treatment, at your mercy, where there is none. Independent psychiatrists say you are wrong Dr Katz. You, in your superior position have the power over Garth's life and death and the emotional welfare of Garth and his parents. While Garth is stripped of his human rights, you Dr Katz, are stripped of your dignity. 

The accepted number of E.C.T. treatments is twelve, then a break to see if it worked. Then a maximum of to another eight brain electric shocks is the usual limit. For Garth's brain, you approved over ninety electric shocks with no end in sight. There is a research project funded in Eastern Health to discover how many electric shocks to the brain are necessary to effectively deal with depression. Is this it? 
It's like shooting fish in a barrel, with Garth tied hand and foot to his bed for over sixty days, frustrated and under assault by staff who manhandle him to get him to comply with your orders.

Then when he emotionally breaks and pushes them away, you charge Garth with assault.

You want to totally separate Garth from his family by taking away the father's power of attorney. Do you understand the meaning of the word...heartless? 

In history, remember how dancing bears lived under similar conditions to Garth, and with a ring through the nose and tied to a pole to contain them, while forced to dance to the commands of a handler. They too are restricted, tortured and if they didn't perform, or fight back from the whims of the handler, they are killed. ....You are the handler, Dr Katz, and Garth is the bear. 

You are the Grande puppeteer of Eastern Health, Box Hill Hospital, Victoria.  Dr Katz I estimate you have lost your moral compass.

I guess from the electric shocks to Garth's brain, and the ups and downs from drugs that confuse him senseless, you may have sped up the experiments to beat the growing opposition. It shows. Oh the potential shame of losing a doctorate and remaining ....a mere Associate Professor who never gets to wear that floppy university hat in your lifetime. 

Garth loves photography, his only joy, but now you have damaged his brain you've taken that away from him, he can’t even remember yesterday. Are you happy Dr Katz, you have stomped on and crushed the life, hopes and dreams of an innocent man and his family? 

Dr Katz you say Garth is not competent enough to refuse the electric shock treatment. But you say he competent enough to agree to being tied up for more than sixty days. This argument is as credible as the Tooth Fairy. 

There seems to be no viable hospital protocol or established boundaries for reducing cruelty like other medical fields.

The global Psychiatric Associations are in panic mode and urgently need another junket, a cash cow to be crude, with a new ocean of money streaming into their deep pockets to replace the present one before the money runs out. 

So they have decided to resurrect the failed 1980's Electric Shock Treatment, hoping it will shock the brain to wellness. The theory of Fairy Dust has also been discredited by science.  

Did you know, Dr Katz, the brain is a finely tuned and sensitive organ and that’s why it has a bony structure to protect it from shock. .....E.C.T. is like shaking up a sick canary in a cage, hoping it will get better. The parallel is the canary will become disoriented and most likely die, in the same way as a human who is violently shaken up with electric shocks to the brain. 

.....But viewed from the eyes of a research psychiatrist, when the canary stops moving it will be deemed to be no longer agitated, and well.

In the 1970’ Electric Shock Treatment was ceased because it caused brain damage, psychological damage from the fear and torture effect and brain trauma. Psychiatrists used it as punishment towards patients who protested. It failed then, and it’s failing now.

It’s the same worldwide, especially in the USA, New Zealand and Australia. Other countries have been harder to penetrate.

Military personnel and veterans, especially the USA and Australian army have often been in the forefront of experimentation. A significant number died, and their families would not know. Deaths are shrouded in secrecy, worldwide. Courts insist on suppression orders.

So, what of Garth Daniels future held in your hands Dr Katz, if he has one? It’s looking bleak as time is fast running out for him. It's up to you now Dr Katz to do the right thing. How many pieces of silver in exchange for a life?


  1. Military personnel and veterans, especially the USA and Australian army have often been in the forefront of experimentation..... Why am I not surprised ?

    1. The horror and cruelty of psychiatry is shrouded in secrecy. Often the veteran is blamed for disasters when the psychiatrist knows full well the treatment is at fault. I have heard of horrendous outcomes for Veterans, who's brains were crashed and significant numbers died. Often they don't know they are being used as lab rats. If they disinhibit on psychiatric treatments (loose all internal boundaries) anything can happen, leading to suicides, murders and veterans being shot by police. One woman drove her children into the sea, a classic symptom of treatment gone wrong. I am outraged, and spreading the word. Don't ever believe the myth of..'safe, treatment.

  2. I just hope Garth gets justice!!This is criminal and unethical what Paul Katz is doing. The other Dr's should grow some balls and stand up to this bully!